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Our Strategy

Target -

It's not enough just to identify your target audience. In today's competitive environment, with increasingly limited marketing budgets, it is critical to know your audience - to truly understand their needs, key drivers and purchase motivators. What does your brand's value proposition mean to your customers and what differentiates you from your competitors? Only after answering these critical questions can you begin the process of targeting for engagement.

Engage -

If you're just planning to talk to your customers, they're not likely to listen. Today's consumer is driving the conversation. Is your business equipped to listen? Are you taking advantage of the multiple channels, social platforms and mobile technology to reach and connect with potential customers where it matters most to them? Only through thoughtful dialog can you begin to engage clients on a deeper, more meaningful level. Engagement provides the environment to convert prospects into clients and turn clients into advocates - delivering far beyond the initial sale.

Deliver -

At i-Marketing Services, we specialize in results-oriented processes that allow for continuing evaluation and real-time analytics to maximize ROI and deliver proven results. If you don't know how your marketing efforts are performing, you're missing critical information and likely wasting precious marketing resources. From strategic planning to tactical execution i-Marketing Services will help you integrate the marketing campaigns across the mix of channels that will help you achieve your business goals.